Our expertise comes from working with people at all levels of the corporate structure, from the owners to the directors and employees of small and medium-size businesses.

We represent a wide-variety of clients in person as well as through web-based relationships, including direct selling (MLM) online stores.

Restaurants, retailers, contractors, bed and breakfast operators and car dealerships have trusted us with their livelihoods. We are also honoured to serve transport companies, cottages industries and non-profits.

We specialize in helping start-ups get off the ground by offering favourable terms for businesses in the first two years of development.

Large and small businesses have taken advantage of our tax-planning services, as well as our ability to help a client solve financial shortfalls.

We offer direct and unlimited access and will answer any urgent and quick question at no charge.

Our billing system ensures fixed rates are billed as agreed to ensure cost certainty. Small and regular monthly payments are recommended to all businesses instead of annual payouts.

We back our own work by paying all penalties and interest if a deadline is missed plus pay $50 to you as a gesture of apology for the inconvenience.

So, if you’re looking for an accountant who does things differently (puts you at the center of their business) and really cares about building a long-term relationship, then we know you’re going to feel good about taking an hour out of your day to meet with us.


Our Expertise (and what it means to you) …

Our real expertise is working with the owners/ directors/ partners of small and medium-sized businesses.  We also have specific expertise working with direct selling (MLM) online stores, stores, restaurants, contractors, bed and breakfast, retail stores, car dealership, transport companies, service industries, cottages industries, non-profit and many more.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your development either, in fact, we love working with businesses that are….

New or Young: We offer favorable terms for start-ups and young businesses (less than 2 years old) to help you in the early months/years

 Established: You may have a negative view of accountants – but we assure you this will change when you start working with us.  The opportunities you have with the right accountant are significant and we can help you maximize all of them.

Large or Small: Small business's have different challenges then large businesses.  Both require a high degree of expertise.  Which suits us perfectly.

Making Small or Huge Profits: Among many things, our tax-planning service will help you keep more in your pocket

Struggling Financially: Don’t despair, there’s so much we can do to help you.  Virtually every problem you have can be solved by making more sales and more profit.  We have THE solutions and the system to achieve both these things in quick-time

….and we work with all types of business owners who are….

Ambitious & Entrepreneurial: We’ll help you get to the next level.  And the next, and the next.

Content: We’ll still help you make the most of your business and ensure you remain compliant with as little fuss as possible.

Of course, until you meet with us – you’ll never know if we’re suited to one another. So, go ahead. Call us today.


It’s quite simple really. Our definition of a SUPER Accountant is this: “to create a relationship whereby the client sees us as a valuable asset in their business”.

In other words, “we put you first”.

So, what does this really mean to you?

Well, a number of things….

A SUPER Accountant is one that gives your business the advantage it needs and demands.

And that’s where we really make the difference.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out, have an established business or you’ve been round the block a few times.  We know what’s required to create a win-win relationship for you.

To begin with, when you become our client you will wave goodbye to those unreasonable accounting bills that so many accountants are guilty of and that’s because ALL our fees are fixed, so you’ll never get any nasty surprises.  And to prevent you getting one bill to pay at the end of each year, you can pay us a low monthly fee, easing your cash flow.

Neither will you have to worry about key filling deadlines, because if in the very unlikely event we miss one, we’ll pay ALL the interest, penalties AND give you $50.00 for the inconvenience.

Now how many accountants do you know who are willing to go that far for their clients?

Plus, all our support is free and unlimited.

So…if you have an urgent question or just a quick question, everyone here is ready and waiting to help you…. we want to go that extra mile when helping your business succeed.

So…. if you’re looking for an accountant who does things differently…puts you at the center of their business. And really cares about building a long term relationship, then we know you’re going to love taking an hour out of your day to meet with us.